About Us

We strongly believe that video games deserve a special treatment. The amount of knowledge needed is not only different, also much more complex than in other translation fields. Also we know that video games projects have special needs, and you need a special kind of person to solve them.

All our Project Managers are also translators, and they’ll work in the localization of your video game, which will make them understand fully what’s going on. They’ll be able to have a better relationship with the rest of the translation team and you.

Forget about sending a message to some person, so that person sends the message to another one, which will need time to answer and then the process goes the other way around. We love working in video games, this is not "just another job", we are very passionate about our work, and we believe that's the best way to work in video games.

For starters, our teams are smaller because we don’t have suits working with us.

Our Project Managers will take care of your project at the most personal level: They’ll even do part of the translations. We believe that communication is one of the strongest tools to be able to localize your video game, to make it sound right, to keep your concepts and ideas the same, even in different languages.

We have been playing video games literally for decades, we understand their genres, perks, traditions, lingo and all that you can expect from a video game, so when we talk, when we have a question for you or need to talk with a programmer or developer, we know what we are talking about.

Forget about explaining the same thing over and over again, forget about talking with middlemen, you'll talk with the people that do the work and their only interest is making a great job, not closing a project so they can start the next one or work in 6 projects at the same time.

Video games can be, and sometimes are, the ultimate story telling tool. You create them to tell a story, but you need the player to be part of that story, and then the player becomes part of your tale. You want to make the players laugh, cry, be scared, be motivated, and most of all, entertained.

We know those feelings. We’ve been there since the days of the Atari 2600. With Commodores, NES, Megadrives, Super Nintendos, PlayStations, PCs, DS, etc. we have been there. We have the knowledge of saving the world (and the universe!) hundreds of times, we were there in a Link to the Past, we were Commander Sephard, Snake, Super Mario… we survived the house of Alone in the Dark, cleared the dungeons of the Eye of the Beholder and killed the President of the United States in Fallout 2 and were the Nameless One in Planescape: Torment. We have done all that, and much more, and that’s why we love video games and we work in video games.

Being able to translate your tale in another language is our passion and motivation. We want your players to enjoy all the experience you designed at its fullest, we want them to become part of the story, to feel what you want them to feel, to live the adventures you designed for them, and always following your ideas and concepts.